I’m like the 🐟 AIVD, always around and πŸ‘‚ listening. Just shout your message in the air and I’ll be able to hear it. Just don’t shout all at the time please.

… or you could send me an e-mail. Just make sure sure to use πŸ”‘ PGP (pretty please?)

πŸ“¨ E-mail

nick at bouwhuis io
πŸ” PGP: 0xE27CB27B
3958 B3F1 5339 9399 AA5C DA5F DE9F 9681 E27C B27B

or you could use:

πŸ’¬ Wire

Username: nickbouwhuis

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Username: nickbouwhuis

πŸ—οΈ Keybase

Username: nickbouwhuis